Organizing Business Trips During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Galit M. Sacajiu, MD, MPH – Director, Medical Education

Organizing Business Trips During the Coronavirus Outbreak Guidelines

In some states or countries, local and international traffic have been restricted to non-essential travel. This letter aims to inform everyone about the latest guidelines and recommendations on preparing business trips during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Before the Business Trip


  1. Know the latest information about the coronavirus situation at the
    potential destination.

    • Weigh up the risks and reconsider if travel is needed.

    • If the potential destination has a high infection rate,
      strictly observe necessary protocols.

    • Verify official travel advice (and layovers if applicable)
      from local authorities and health officials of the
      potential destination.

  2. Advise employees with older age and/or chronic medical conditions
    not to join the business trip.

  3. Avoid inviting a large number of people and scale down the business
    trip for essential employees only.

  4. If applicable, document the contact details of external people to
    make contact tracing, information dissemination, and self-isolation
    recommendations easier for health officials in case one of them
    becomes symptomatic or positive for coronavirus after the business

  5. Employees who will be traveling should be provided with protective
    supplies, such as:

    • Soaps

    • Hand Rubs With 70% Alcohol

    • Face Masks

    • Gloves

    • Tissues

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  6. Develop and disseminate emergency plans in case employees show any
    symptoms during the business trip.

During the Business Trip

  1. Advise employees to:

    • Follow health protocols at the destination.

    • Practice social distancing and observe coughing and
      sneezing etiquettes at all times.

  2. If anyone starts to show symptoms, follow emergency plans or call
    health officials.

  3. At the last day of the business trip, remind employees and external
    people that once they become symptomatic or positive for

    • Inform the management.

    • Self-isolate for at least 14 days.

    • Wear face masks.

    • Wash hands more often.

After the Business Trip

  1. Instruct employees to:
    1. Go home straight from the airport and if possible, avoid public transportation.
    2. Self-isolate for 14 days.
    3. Wear face masks.
    4. Wash hands more often.
    5. Monitor their temperature daily.
    6. Observe themselves for symptoms.
    7. Notify the management and contact health officials if they develop symptoms.
  2. Keep the contact details of external people for at least three weeks.

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Written By

Galit M. Sacajiu, MD, MPH

Director, Medical Education

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