Protect Your Hotel From Coronavirus

Dr. Syed Farhan Ali Tirmizi, MBBS, MSc – Epidemiologist

Protect Your Hotel Guidelines

How to Maintain a Coronavirus-Free Hotel

  • Prepare the entrance, reception area, restaurant, hallways, bathrooms and elevators with:
    • Soap
    • Hand rubs with 70% alcohol
    • Face masks and gloves
    • Posters and visual cues about social distancing
    • Protective screens or queue barriers
    • Chairs, tables, and other items suitable for social distancing
    • Tissues and closed bins
  • Require the employees and guests to:
    • Undergo a temperature check upon the start of work day.
    • Wear face masks and gloves (optional).
    • Practice social distancing and observe coughing and sneezing etiquettes.
  • Control the entry of guests or if possible, enable other entrance lanes.
  • Instruct receptionists to provide guests with contact information of health officials upon checking in.
  • Encourage cashless transactions.
  • Clean and disinfect highly touched areas, such as counters, door knobs, and elevator buttons.
  • Set up isolation rooms for suspected coronavirus cases.
    • Advise guests to notify the management if they develop symptoms.
    • Train employees to provide in-room services for symptomatic guests.
    • Monitor the health status of these guests.

In the Restaurant

  • Provide in-room services for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Encourage guests to eat inside their rooms.
  • Restock products during off-peak hours.

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Written By

Dr. Syed Farhan Ali Tirmizi, MBBS, MSc


Communicable Disease Control (CDC), Alberta Health Services

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