Protect Your Bank Against Coronavirus

Galit M. Sacajiu, MD, MPH – Director, Medical Education

Protect Your Bank Against Coronavirus Guidelines


Personal and business banking remain operational for the public despite the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Thus, it is important for us to observe preventive measures.

How to Keep Our Bank Protected Against Coronavirus

  1. Set up handwashing stations near entrances.

  2. All bank personnel should be required to wear face masks and gloves.

  3. Place the following beside ATMs and counters:

    • Hand Rubs With 70% Alcohol

    • Face Masks

    • Gloves

    • Tissues

  4. Display posters about hand hygiene and visual cues about social distancing in strategic locations.

  5. Observe social distancing measures among other bank personnel and customers.

    • Minimize the number of customers entering the bank or if possible, open other entrance lanes to avoid crowding.

    • Ensure that customers waiting outside are observing social distancing.

    • Use furniture, equipment, and other items inside the bank as barriers or make their arrangement suitable for social distancing.

    • Install protective screens and queue barriers at counters and information desks.

  6. Regularly clean and disinfect the bank premises, especially frequently

touched areas, such as counters, ATMs, and door handles.

How to Teach Customers About Online Services

  • Encourage customers to:

    • Use alternative banking transactions, such as ATMs and online banking

    • Use handy tools when using ATMs

      • Otherwise, provide customers with cotton buds, tissues, or other products to avoid direct contact with ATMs.

    • Secure their online banking information and not to fall for scammers taking advantage of the pandemic

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Galit M. Sacajiu, MD, MPH

Director, Medical Education

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