Social Distancing Strategies When Dealing With External People

Social Distancing Strategies Guidelines

Dealing with external people is inevitable in almost every business operation. In line with this, we would like to impose social distancing strategies during these significant phases.



  • Try to avoid or minimize encounters
  • Offer remote services (via telephone, video, or web). Otherwise:
    • Have flexible options for schedule and travel arrangements.
    • Make venues suitable for social distancing.
  • Redistribute the location for those with older age and/or chronic medical conditions to reduce their contact with external people.
  • Put visual cues about social distancing wherever appropriate, such as at entrances and in parking lots.
  • Install protective screens and queue barriers at reception areas.
  • Alternate rest periods to avoid crowding in break rooms, elevators, and any other venues.
  • Modify all primary storage activities during off-peak or off-hours to decrease contact with external people.


For inevitable meetings:
  • Restrict the entry of external people to a limited number or enable other entrance lanes to avoid crowding.
  • Require external people to undergo temperature checks before entering the building.
  • Promote contactless greeting methods, such as bowing or prayer hands.
  • Inform external people about product delivery alternatives, remote customer services, and contactless payment methods.

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Written By

Peter Smith

World Health Organization (WHO)

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