Using Company Vehicles in the Midst of Coronavirus

Galit M. Sacajiu, MD, MPH – Director, Medical Education

Using Company Vehicles Guidelines

How Drivers Should Deal With Passengers


  • The driver should check if the passengers are wearing face masks and gloves and if applicable, if they have washed their hands or used hand rubs with 70% alcohol.
    • Otherwise, the driver can assist the passengers to the nearest handwashing station or provide them with face masks, gloves, and alcohol.
  • To make the company vehicle suitable for social distancing:
    • Leave at least one vacant seat between each passenger.
    • Put a sign on that seat to remind passengers not to sit there.

Cleaning the Company Vehicle

Cleaning the company vehicle after every use is highly recommended. Simply follow the steps below.
  1. Wear gloves.
  2. Use any of the following to clean the company vehicle:
    1. Microfiber Cloth Dampened WIth Water and Soap
    2. Disinfecting Wipes With 70% Alcohol
    3. Household Cleaning Products
    4. EPA-Registered Products
  3. Properly clean frequently touched areas, such as the steering wheel, doors, armrests, seats, handles, and seat belt.
  4. Do not forget the other parts of the interior of the company vehicle.
  5. Wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 to 30 seconds or use a hand rub with 70% alcohol before cleaning, afterward, and regularly.

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Written By

Galit M. Sacajiu, MD, MPH

Director, Medical Education

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